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Features of a Rent-To-Buy

  • quick turnaround times for the client
  • only a minimum short 12 month contract
  • fixed payments apply
  • 75% of the rental payments are rebated to the client should they wish to purchase the equipment outright
  • full rental payment is claimed as a tax deduction at the end of the financial year on customer profit and loss statement

Benefits of a Rent-To-Buy

  • quick turnaround times for the client
  • short 12 month contract means a customer is not locked into a 5 year loan contract
  • option to return the equipment to the financier once a large project is finished and then not be stuck with equipment past that date
  • financing heavy equipment vehicles using a rent-to-buy loan product as opposed to using own funds, will preserve cash flow to maximise working capital position
  • fixed payments allow businesses to accurately project income and expenses going forward
  • as these types of loans use the equipment as security, it allows clients to free up property equity to pursue other investment opportunities
  • tax deductibility at end of the financial year